Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem - 10 YEAR CELEBRATION - May 25TH 2024 - Store of Value

Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem - 10 YEAR CELEBRATION - May 25TH 2024

Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem

We are absolutely thrilled to announce to sponsor and take part at the 10 year celebration of Adopting Bitcoin Arnhem!

Since 2014, Arnhem City, the Netherlands, has embraced Bitcoin! Join us for the 10-year celebration at Luxor Live, Willemsplein 10 on May 25th 2024. Explore nearby Bitcoin friendly spots and join pre-conference satellite events, including pizzaday on May 22nd. 

The main event takes place on May 25th at the Luxor live theater in Arnhem.

Store of Value will be present with the latest Bitcoin clothing and merchandise!

Don't miss this opportunity and get yourself some fun and unique Bitcoin apparel while you enjoy great speakers and Bitcoin vibes! 

Main event: May 25th 2024 

Location: Luxor live, Willemsplein 10, Arnhem, The Netherlands

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Site Events:

Bitcoin Pizza Event

Mountainbike Trail Arnhem

NOSTR Dam Arhem

Bitcoin Walk Arnhem

Bitcoin Mining Workshop Arnhem

Bitcoin Board Game Blockhunters Arnhem

Bitcoin Devs Arnem

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