Meet The Store of Value Team!

Meet the Store of Value team!

Our team is ready to provide you with the best and funniest Bitcoin merchandise! We ship worlwide and aim to make your shopping experience enjoyable! Hop on down to our shop and take a dive within the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

Meet Bart Owner, Designer, Shipper

Meet The Team - Bart

My story began with a passion for Bitcoin and a desire to break free from the traditional rat race. Combining my love for fashion and Bitcoin and my long-term expertise in supply chain and logistics management, transitioning my hobby into a profession was the natural next step!

Meet Manon Owner, Designer, Customer Service

Meet The Team - Manon

🌟 Meet our stellar Customer Service pro! With a passion for problem-solving and a knack for communication, she is here to make your experience seamless and delightful. Get ready for top-notch assistance tailored just for you! ✨

Meet Hobbes Assistent, Motivator

Meat The Team - Hobbes

🐾 Meet our seasoned team member! With 16 years of experience in purr-fect service, our cat employee brings wisdom, charm, and a paw-sitive attitude to every interaction. Get ready for feline-inspired excellence! 🐱 #CatEmployee