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Blockhunters - The Bitcoin Board Game (PRESALE - ETA DEC 2024)

Blockhunters - The Bitcoin Board Game (PRESALE - ETA DEC 2024)

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About the Game - Blockhunters - The Bitcoin Boardgame (PRESALE)

Bitcoiners are passionate. But bitcoin is complicated. We want to share the importance of the monetary revolution with our friends and families, but watch their eyes glaze over when we approach common technical concepts like mining, nodes, nonces, private keys, halvings or the mempool. How can we also engage the tactile and visual learners?

BLOCKHUNTERS is a thrilling board game with all these elements woven together. It teaches high-level concepts by calling players to work together and against each other to win the game. It is made for bitcoiners, precoiners and anyone with a competitive spirit (ages 14+) to enjoy.


Ultimately, Blockhunters was designed as the perfect tool to orangepill your loved ones.‎

Discover the Exciting Blockhunters Bitcoin Game

Discover Blockhunters, the game that brings the Bitcoin Community together! Orders are coming in from every corner of the globe. It's fantastic that you can be part of this international success.

At Store of Value, we are proud to offer this revolutionary board game and support the Bitcoin Community. From the start and on, we have followed Emily and Arnold, the creators of this exciting game, with their passion to create a unique Bitcoin board game. Now, they are in the final stage of development, and we are proud to offer this amazing Bitcoin board game in presale.

At Store of Value we also take care of the storage, fullfilment and worldwide shipping of this exciting board game and we`ll do so at an non-profit basis.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first to get your copy and join the exciting journey of Blockhunters!

Why pre-order Blockhunters?

By reserving a copy now, you help Emily and Arnold to produce the first batch and lower production costs. The estimated shipping date is late 2024. Don't miss this chance to be one of the first to get your hands on this innovative game!

Learn More About the Game

In Blockhunters, all players collectively create a blockchain by connecting blocks through mathematics and mining. At the same time, each player has private keys (characters) for which they collect as much bitcoin as possible. The challenge is that the points only count if they end up in the blockchain and you keep your character a secret.

Beware: if your character becomes too obvious, it can be stolen from you, causing you to lose all the coins you have collected. As the game progresses, each block introduces new assets (coins, keys, powers) into circulation, leading to exciting twists.

Blockhunters explained - How to play

"The Blockhunters Boardgame explains difficult bitcoin concepts in a fun way, bringing the orangpillling of friends and family to another level!"

Can't wait to play? We've got you covered! Have a sneak preview at and get to know the characters and their stories!


This product is officially approved and offered in direct cooperation with Arnold & Emily, the founders and creators of BLOCKHUNTERS. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind Bitcoin board game!

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