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Seedfan Multi-signature Kit

Seedfan Multi-signature Kit

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Seedfan Multi-signature Kit

Protect and restore your bitcoin assets with Seedfan. The Seedfan Multi-signature Kit contains 3 Seedfans and all the tools needed to securely store your bitcoin seeds (private keys) immediately. This kit is ideal for securing your 2/3 multi-signature wallet.

With Seedfan, you can quickly, easily, and securely back up your bitcoin wallet on steel. The Seedfan is laser-engraved and made from 316 stainless steel to protect your backup from fire, impact, and water. Utilize the mounting holes to hide the Seedfan in a secure, tactical location. Due to its versatility, Seedfan is ideal for both beginner and experienced Bitcoiners.

With the Seedfan Multi-signature Kit, you can back up your:

▶ 3x Seed phrase (12/24 words).

▶ 3x Passphrase (optional).

▶ 3x Seed QR (optional).

▶ 3x Wallet information (date, wallet name, and master fingerprint).

In the package:

▶ 3 Seedfans (each with 3 stainless steel plates for backing up your seed phrase, passphrase, and seed QR).

▶ Electric engraving pen.

▶ Automatic center punch.

▶ Waterproof marker.

▶ Seedfan card.

▶ User manual.

Tool Description:

▶ The electric engraving pen operates on two AAA batteries. With this pen, you can engrave your information on steel without the noise and hassle of stamping letters. The pen writes accurately and powerfully.

▶ A waterproof marker to mark the dots of the seed QR.

▶ The automatic center punch marks holes in steel to permanently secure your seed QR. By compressing the spring, you effortlessly create a permanent impression in steel.

Technical Specifications:

▶ 4mm thick 316 stainless steel Seedfan plate.

▶ 1mm thick 316 stainless steel passphrase plate.

▶ Laser engraving. This technique ensures durability and precision.

▶ M3 screws (2x).

▶ Mounting holes to securely hide a plate in a tactical location.

▶ Seedfan dimensions: 105mm x 74mm.

User Manual: 

To help you get started and make the most of your Seedfan, we have compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide and an instructional video. Browse through the detailed instructions and watch the video for visual guidance:


This product is offered in direct collaboration with Bitplanner, the creators of SEEDFAN Seedphrase solutions.

The use of the Seedfan is at the user's own risk. Neither the producer nor the distributor is in any way liable for any loss due to defects, damage, improper storage, or unreadable information. Follow the user manual carefully. Consider keeping a second backup at a separate location.

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